The Sending Church

The Spirit-filled church SENDS out disciples who are PREPARED, CALLED, and COMPETENT.
  1. The church sends disciples who are prepared (Acts 13:1)

    • There is preparation required before being sent
      • Be transformed (Acts 9:1-22)
      • Be trained (Galatians 1:17)
      • Take time to be tested (Acts 9:23-30)
  2. The church sends disciples who are called

    • There is a process to follow to determine if you are sent
      • The process begins as you are working (Acts 13:2a)
      • The Spirit calls those who are being sent (Acts 13:2b)
      • The church and its leaders confirm and send (Acts 13:3)
  3.  The church sends disciples who are competent (Acts 13:4-13)

    • When you are sent, faithfully pursue the mission with reckless obedience
      • Faithful pursuit requires boldness to teach and face opposition (Acts 13:8, 12)
      • Faithful pursuit requires obedience that does not waver (Acts 13:13)