Mature disciples worship Christ, walk with Christ, and work for Christ.
We emphasize a quality of discipleship, not a quantity of disciples.

WORSHIP CHRIST - Experience the sufficiency and express the supremacy of Christ through a lifestyle of worship. 
WALK WITH CHRIST - Faithful reading of God’s Word, prayer and fellowship with other believers in Small Groups.
WORK FOR CHRIST - Minister to one another and serve in the capacity each person has been gifted with.

Kids Ministry

At check-in you’ll get printed name tags for your children and a parent receipt with a matching, randomly generated code. You’ll show this parent receipt to pick up your children at the end of the service. Every volunteer is required to go through a thorough background to ensure our kids utmost safety. 

Each Sunday, the kids enjoy singing songs that are directly from God's Word. You can find and purchase the full collection of songs that we sing by going to the Seeds Family Worship website.

Treasuring Christ is a 4 year chronological study of the Bible which allows repetition for our preschool and depth for our older students.  


  • Parent-led discipleship (Deut 6:4-9) through our weekly family devotional and monthly reading plans

  • Equipping parents (Eph 4:11-3)

  • God-given worth of children (Matt 18:10)

  • Gospel centered discipleship (Col 3:1-3)

Small Groups

Small Groups are regular times of meeting together where the Bible is opened, lives are shared, and prayer is happening. All of our small groups are cross-generational, a balance of male and female, married and singles. We believe this most likely resembles the early church in Acts. Our topics of study are aimed at sanctification and growing disciples where we are all on the same journey. You can expect to find people within your group to whom you can relate and fellowship with in addition to the weekly meetings. We currently have 8 small groups spread across the Northern Virginia area.

Church membership is not required to be in a Small Group.


  • Alexandria - Sunday Nights

  • D.C. - Tuesday Nights

  • Centreville - Wednesday Nights

  • Annandale - Wednesday Nights

  • Fairfax - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Nights

Local & Global Outreach

We care about reaching our local community through our Go Beyond initiatives and we are involved in  church planting around the world through the Great Commission Collective. 


"Go Beyond" is our church's initiative to encourage, organize, and mobilize people to better our community through acts of service. We want to make our community a better place to live and shine the light of the gospel through our good works so that God would be glorified in Northern Virginia. 


The GCC is an international family of churches and strategic partners that exist to glorify god by planting, strengthening, and multiplying great commission churches around the world.

Making Fairfax Bible church your home


At Intro to Fairfax Bible Church, we want to show you what it looks like to be a part of our church family. We'll discuss our mission and vision, values and distinctives, and church leadership, as well as next steps and opportunities for you to get plugged in. Intro is held at our CHURCH OFFICE location for 1 hour.  Attending Intro is a requirement for anyone interested in becoming a member.


Membership is designed for those ready to commit to our church. We'll discuss long-term direction, discipleship, and doctrine, and then you'll sit down with one of our leaders for a member interview. Membership is an agreement to spiritual accountability, and the beginning of a continual part of your spiritual and relational growth as you make Fairfax Bible Church your home. It's the step that never stops.

To register for Intro or Membership, follow the below link: