43 | Katie Murphy: Becoming a Bolder Witness


Over the last year, I’ve felt pushed out of my comfort zone by Jesus’ command to go and make disciples. For most of my life I’ve been very shy about proclaiming my faith to others and inviting them to church. Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:33—“But whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven”—have pierced through my pride and challenged me to be obedient in evangelism and to seek after the things that please God, not man.

As I’ve stepped out in faith to ask my neighbors, coworkers, and strangers about their beliefs or attending church, I’ve grown in confidence and boldness in my faith. I’ve learned that most people are eager to talk about God or appreciate that I’ve invited them to church even if they don’t come. This Easter, I invited eight different families to church, and though no one came, I’m grateful God enabled me to be courageous and obedient in inviting them, and I’m praying that a seed has been planted and that I’d have more opportunities to share the gospel with them.