41 | Priya Mani: Seeing the Lord's Sovereignty in the Big and Small

Since coming to the United States from India four years ago, the Lord has been working in my heart to trust Him more and to walk in faith. The initial decision to stop working in India and move to the United States was challenging, but time and again, I have found that Jesus never fails to provide for me.


However, even as my prayers have been answered, my sinful tendency has been to solve my problems by myself rather than fully submit to the Lord. I realized that although I believed in God’s promises and prayed often, I still found myself trying to handle things the way I thought best. I feared God would lead me to do something other than what I had chosen to do, and I struggled to wait patiently on His timing.

But over the past two years, God has grown my faith. I understand and trust the Lord’s sovereignty much more, and I’ve begun to see His provision in my everyday life. My husband and I have prayed for God to meet our financial needs, and we continue to see that prayer being answered—even in the smallest ways. As we both went through seasons of trial with sickness, I saw the Lord using those times for our good and His glory as well. And last year, God blessed us with a baby boy. Even through the concerns of pregnancy, moving, and my work as a teaching assistant, God orchestrated all we needed, we had a healthy child, and I was able to retain my position and continue my research.

I’m constantly reminded of God’s care through this verse: “Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations” (Psalm 90:1). As I rely more and more on God, I’m not as stressed and worried as I was before. All these experiences—the extraordinary and the everyday provisions of the Lord—have helped me learn to trust and depend Him more.