36 | Chris Murphy: Cultivating a Habit of Bible Reading

My whole life I struggled with consistently reading the Bible. I had periods where I read large chunks for weeks at a time, but it was never engrained as a discipline.


About a year ago, I was challenged by a brother to read scripture everyday, and he offered to hold me accountable. Each week we read the same passages and then had a brief discussion about what we read. Over time it became more and more natural to start my morning reading the Bible and eventually it went from requiring an intentional mindset to being routine.

For over a year now I have read my Bible each day. I have seen impact on my family life, as my wife has now also begun the practice, and in my children who we now read with each day. Before it felt as if God's Word was buried deep, where as now I find myself often thinking about specific passages and themes throughout the day. Finally, it has allowed me to step out and encourage my brothers and sisters who struggle with this same thing. I no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed by my lack of discipline but can testify to the benefits of reading each day.