34 | Kathie Virunurm: Seeing God Work on Short Term Missions

This past March, I had the opportunity to go to Bogota, Colombia, with seven others from Cru at George Mason University.  There are over one million college students in Bogota and Colombian Cru staff had invited us to come help them reach more students.

It was encouraging to take college students to a different country and reach out to other students with the gospel, especially since the need for Christ in Bogota is great. My heart was both stirred for the lost and grateful for the opportunities to share the gospel.

From the very beginning of our visit, it was clear the trip would be challenging. Most of the students we met were atheists or agnostics. But over the course of the week, I saw God move in mighty ways.

A few days into our time there, Emily, a George Mason student with us on the trip, met Daniela. The two connected quickly and as they talked about their lives and faith, Emily was able to share the gospel with Daniela. Daniela had been to church before with her grandmother, but described herself as feeling very distant from God. The more they spoke, Daniela recognized her desire to control her own life, but admitted it would be difficult to surrender completely to the Lord.   

Just two days later, however, Daniela and Emily met up again to talk more, and it was clear that the Lord had been working in Daniela’s heart.  Daniela told Emily she was ready to give her life to Jesus!  

Seeing Daniela find salvation in Christ was amazing, but even more powerful was seeing the gospel move Daniela to share the good news of Christ with those around her.  Later that same day, Daniela had already begun sharing the gospel with one of her closest friends! 

It was incredible to see the gospel of grace grip Daniela’s heart with urgency and eagerness to share Christ with others, and it was encouraging to me to see God work through the obedience of our team and change the lives of students in another part of the world.