21 | The Bowers: Answered Prayers for Healing


When our son was born in May of 2016, he had a slight bump on his forehead. At the time, doctors assured us it would go away in time; however, as he continued to grow, so did the mass.

In April of 2017, after more testing and an MRI, we were referred to pediatric neurosurgery and
told that his “bump” was a mass of tissue fed by excess blood vessels passing through his skull.

The tissue was supplied by blood, possibly from those arteries meant to supply his brain,
resulting in a hole in his skull about the size of a quarter. The neurosurgeon gave us the option to
wait and see what happened or perform surgery.

We decided surgery was the best option. God had placed us in the best place to have surgery at
Walter Reed Medical Center, which has the only pediatric craniofacial surgeon in the health
system who routinely perform surgeries with our pediatric neurosurgeon.

As the surgery neared, I felt powerless to do anything. I felt like I was praying at every moment,
terrified that something would happen to my little boy. We prayed with our small group, with
family, and with strangers. The night before, I couldn’t do anything but fall to my knees and
pray, more than I had ever done before.

The next morning we went to the hospital, and after a few more prayers, the doctors took him
back into surgery. For the next two hours we were powerless. We spent that time with our family
and pastor Jeff, continuing to pray.

After surgery, the doctors met with us and explained that the surgery went well, and was
significantly easier than expected. He wouldn’t need multiple weeks of recovery. Instead,
everything would heal on its own, and there would be no lasting impact on his life. At his only
follow up, the doctor confirmed that the “bump” had been excess blood vessels and there should
be no reoccurrence or concern.

Almost a year later, our son is healthy, healed, and thriving! We were so blessed by the friends
and family that surrounded us, and the immense power of prayer which God confirmed through
our story.