Frequently Asked Questions

Who can share a story?

Anyone who goes to Fairfax Bible Church can share a story (including children). Though other people may figure prominently in your story, the stories you share should generally be your own, told from your own point of view, and focused on the change happening in your own life.

I just submitted my story. What’s next?

Thank you for sharing! The Stories team will review your story shortly. If we are interested in sharing it, we will be in touch with you to gather more details, if needed. 

What are you going to do with my story?

We’re going to tell it to the church as a celebration of God’s work in Northern Virginia. Your story may be shared as a blog post, a video, a social media post, or live during a worship service or small group. Do bear in mind that your story will be public—not just to the church, but to anyone who views the church website and social media. 

Can I tell my story anonymously? 

Yes! We know that folks may wish to share a story, but also protect their privacy. If this is you, please let us know on your submission form. But don’t forget to put your name on the form. If we can’t follow up with you, then we can’t share your story. Online submissions are viewed only by members of the Stories team.

You may also speak directly to Jeff Hoenshell or Phil Simmons, about your story, if you would rather not share through the submissions form.

Why didn’t you use my story?

We won’t tell every story that’s submitted. Your story may be great, but so personal or specific that others can’t grasp the significance of it. 

In any case, it’s nothing personal, and we hope that you’ll continue to treasure up and ponder these stories in your heart. 

Will I get to sign off on the final format of my story?

No. We will be very thorough when we gather information from you, so that we have all the details we need. Ultimately, the Stories team will determine the best medium, and you will not be able to make revisions to the final format.

Can I join the Stories Team? 

We’d love for new people to get involved! Members are selected based on their talents and abilities, as well as their discipline and follow-through. Please contact Phil Simmons if you are interested in joining the team.