11 | Elizabeth Schabinger: Learning to Trust God and His Security


My husband, Justin was laid off twice during our first year of marriage. Talk about a way to start our life together! Being newly married during the holiday season, we were already going through a lot of changes, and up until that point, Justin’s job was the one thing that felt secure. Naturally, I freaked out.

There were a lot of questions with no answers, a lot of uncertainty, and a lot of fear.
But God provided, and Justin started working for the Government…then the shutdowns started
happening early this year. After having been through it two times already, there was a feeling of “here we go again…” but after being shown every time that “God’s got it” we’ve learned not to be afraid.

What I've learned is that we can handle it because God can handle it. Even with the possibility of future shutdowns on the horizon, we have learned to trust God. We don’t freak out about job losses anymore because our security is found in Christ.